In-Home Visits for the Medical Care You Deserve

Visiting Physicians Services (VPS) is a privately held company serving the Wasatch front. Our headquarters are in Orem, UT, where we run lean operations to avoid passing unnecessary costs onto the patient. VPS doctors and nurse practitioners make house calls to Medicare-insured and private-pay senior citizens in group homes and individual homes.

We work closely with patients, facilities, and families to ensure proactive management of illness, injury, and disease in a comfortable setting. We help older adults avoid trips to the emergency room and prolonged stays in hospitals or nursing homes by providing them with healthcare in the privacy of their home.


Vision, Mission, and Values



Our vision is to help seniors enjoy increased health and longevity as they age. 


Our mission is to deliver quality, convenient healthcare to senior citizens wherever they live. 


Our company is founded on four core values:


We provide timely in-home healthcare and a regular exam schedule for interested senior communities and assisted living facilities.

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We treat each individual with kindness and concern, contacting patients between appointments to track any progress or relapse.



We ensure competent service by combining objectivity, discernment, and humility with our pooled knowledge and experience.



We respect patient choice, and as your wellness co-partner, we will explain all clinical findings, any diagnoses, and the various options for treatment.