Healthcare Services for Medicare Members

There is a variety of services available to Medicare members, and it can be difficult to figure out exactly what benefits you have. However, there are two benefits in your Medicare Part B coverage that you always want to take advantage, and those benefits are free (no copay and no deductible).

These benefits help you to stay healthier and enjoy greater independence. With these services, you also have the opportunity to ask health and lifestyle questions that you may have been thinking about, but never had enough time with the doctor to discuss.

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No Cost Benefits

New Medicare Members:

As a newly enrolled beneficiary of Medicare, you are eligible for the “Welcome to Medicare” comprehensive medical exam at no cost to you. This exam, called the Initial Preventive Physical Exam (IPPE), is only available within the first 12 months after your Medicare effective date. It is a one-time benefit.

The IPPE is NOT a routine physical checkup. The IPPE focuses on health promotion, disease prevention, and disease detection to help you have a better quality of life. This includes several exams not usually covered.

Your Medicare provider will review potential risk factors, assess your functional ability and level of safety, and review your activities of daily living. The provider will also evaluate if you have a falls risk and educate you on senior safety in the home.


Medicare Annual Wellness Visit:

All Medicare members are eligible for an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) medical exam at no cost to you. This exam is available 1 year after your Medicare effective date and permitted once every 12 months. The AWV provides a standard physical with a screening schedule of preventive services that will aid you in maintaining your quality of life.

The Medicare provider recommends additional health education or health counseling services, when necessary. This may include referrals to programs for fall prevention, nutrition, age-appropriate physical activity, and other lifestyle interventions. The AWV is also a tool to update your list of risk factors and conditions that could affect your health and wellness if not addressed.

“What Do I Need to Do?”

1. Get your Medicare card.

2. Call (801) 515-7877 and set up an appointment.