Building Strong Relationships With Patients

Getting older and facing changes in your body can be frustrating for anyone. We realize that and want to work with you to make those transitions as smooth as possible. We take time to get to know each of our patients so we can understand your unique needs and provide the best treatment options.

Superior Patient Care Is Our Top Priority

Our patients are not a file-and-case number to us; they are real people with real concerns. We treat our patients with respect because they deserve respect.

Your medical exam is not the end of our participation in your efforts for ongoing wellness. We call to check in with you later on, to see if you have any questions or require further care.

Patient Checklist

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Patient Checklist

If Any Of These Statements Apply To You, It is Time For Visiting Physician Services!

  • It is very difficult for me to get in to see my doctor. It can take all day and wipes me out afterward.
  • It is difficult for me to get into the doctor’s office and then wait in a long line just to check in because I use a cane/ use a walker/am in a wheelchair/have trouble walking.
  • I dislike asking friends/children/grandchildren for a ride when I need to see the doctor. I usually stay home until I am extremely sick, then I go to ER or call for an ambulance.
  • I am frustrated when my doctor sees multiple patients at once in adjoining rooms.
  • When I want to see the doctor, he is booked out for days.
  • I don’t like to travel to the doctor’s in icy winter weather or when it gets very hot, especially when I already don’t feel well.
  • I’m afraid the doctor might think I should be in the hospital or in a nursing home because of my illness or age.
  • I worry about catching the flu or another illness when I go to the doctor, because of all the germs in the waiting room and in the patient area.
  • It is exhausting and confusing trying to remember what doctor I have to see for each condition and making sure that I have a follow up appointment when I should.
  • I worry how each medication will interact with the others, because different specialists have proscribed them.